Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Art / Paintings

Message From the Owner:

Are you searching for addiction recovery art or paintings for your clinic, institution or recovery center? Recovery Paintings is a company based in Minnesota that offers unique addiction recovery art. Based on the 12 steps, each print showcases different stages in the recovery process. Starting this month the first 3 paintings are available for purchase through their website. Additional paintings will become available later this year, with a new painting being released every month.

addiction recovery art

How it got started:

The idea for Recovery Paintings came from my sales experience. When I was much younger I consumed everything I could get my hands on dealing with sales and goal setting. One of the principles of goal setting was the use of visual aids. Basically it works like this. Say you want a new car, you pick it out and take a picture of it, and then you put it where you see it every day, like in your current car. It doesn't guarantee anything but it helps keep you focused on your goal. So I designed step 1 to help alcoholics get sober and stay sober, all it really is, is a visual aid. As step one was being painted by my artist Lloyd Keller, the design for step five popped into my head, and I realized I needed to do all twelve paintings. I'm now on disability ( I'm 64 in June ) I live at the Salvation Army apartments in Rochester Minnesota. I did however receive two years back pay from my disability settlement so I finally had enough money to at least make some paintings available now. However it wasn't until four or five months ago that I showed the paintings to my friend Trish. She was so impressed that she easily convinced me to complete the project, she told me that God gave me this gift and that I was suppose to finish it and make them available.