Website Hosting Services in Minnesota

Message From the Owner:

Many small businesses need quality hosting for their websites. Minnesota has dozens of companies offering cheap hosting. Many of these companies offer good service and provide their clients with dependable speed, room and options. But Minnesota also has bad web host companies, offering slow response times, high prices and next to nothing for support. If your the owner of a website (or the webmaster / caretaker) you know the importance of having a quality hosting company.

Need a place to keep your website? There are many different website hosting companies based in Minnesota. One good place to call is Poulton Web Design in Rochester. Poulton Web offers dependable hosting services, starting at $30 per month. Their hosting packages are well priced and come plenty of features. Different types of websites that can be hosted with Poulton Web Design include :

1. Wordpress

2. HTML 5

3. ASP (Advanced Server Pages)

4. Joomla

5.Drupal CMS

6. Cloud Database Websites (CRM)

7. And More.

Message from Poulton Web Design

Moving a Website to Our Hosting Servers

We provide all our clients with the support necessary to move their website to our hosting servers. We also provide a hosting transfer service starting at $99. With our hosting transfer service our techs will do all the work getting your website up and running smoothly on our servers. This process takes on average 1 - 2 business days. Please contact us for more details.

Phone :: 507-250-1277